A course from Roberto Rossi, member of the American Academy of Periodontology and vice president of Bone Biomaterials and Beyond Academy!

We will examine the use of navigated implantology in patients with periodontal disease for aesthetic results and its use in other treatment applications. You will be introduced to: The clinical protocol of the GTR and GBR techniques; Periodontal plastic surgery; Navigated implantation in the periodontal approach.

During the course you will learn about the techniques, methods and tools to achieve a consistent treatment result!

Invitation to the course
During these seminars you will learn:

  • «Periodontal Plastic Surgery in the new millennium, new materials and methods»
  • «Guided tissue regeneration from the early stages to minimally invasive techniques»
  • «Guided Bone Regeneration 30 years after its introduction»
  • «Management of the Perio-Prostho interface»
  • «Diagnosis and management of the excessive gingival display»
  • «Management of the soft tissue around implants»

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«Occlusal rehabilitation after TMD disorder treatment»

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