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Dental webinars were made to meet dentists' expectations.
Periodontology 2021: A quick 360 degrees view at new materials and methods
Roberto Rossi
Dental occlusion
Daniele Manfredini

23 апреля 2021
Implant prosthetics in the aesthetic zone: digital technology
Massimo Frosecchi
Advanced concepts of digital dentistry based on DSD
Pablo Ramirez
Endodontics and beyond
Paolo Generali
Endodontics as a challenge
Riccardo Tonini
Problem management in orthodontics
Aladin Sabbagh
Lifehacks of Microscopic Endodontics. Instrument retrieval, curved canals, retreatment
Byron Tsivos
Digital prosthodontics and implantology. Live treatment on a patient
Georgios Siavikis
Occlusion therapy: analysis, techniques, secrets of recovery
Alessandro Nanussi
The manual functional analysis & Aquasplint® concept diagnostics, therapy and occlusal rehabilitation
Aladin Sabbagh
Webinar trailer
«Occlusal rehabilitation after TMD disorder treatment»

Dental webinars were made to meet dentists' expectations. Bearing in mind the fact that you're looking for a clear solution, we made a product that will save your time. Each webinar is a full course on the exact topic. You'll receive the necessary knowledge and templates, recommendations and instructions depending on what you need.
Online education for dentists?
Our approach work is to deliver quality and value to our clients. All of our lecturers are highly qualified professionals. We love what we do! Knowledge is power!
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