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The power of images: the basic concepts of dental photography.
Alessio Zanza
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Why taking photos of our works is so important? Probably, ten years ago the answer would have been "documenting my clinical case and legal reasons". Surely those are two crucial aspects, however, dental photography is not merely this. In the last years, communication has thoroughly changed and graphical contents have taken a major role. Dentists cannot afford to fall behind! In this course, I am going to give you the basic concepts of dental photography that allow you to take photos in all dental fields without any waste of time, making your shooting predictable, effective, and communicative.
Alessio Zanza
Member of the Italian Academy of Endodontics AIE.
Tutor at University of Rome La Sapienza.
Dentist at "Studio Odontoiatrico Dott. Aldo Pellegrini".
Dentist at Campus Bio-Medico Hospital of Rome.
Dentist at WhiteRome by Dott. Puzzilli & Dott. Giannelli.
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The course contains 2 lectures from an Italian specialist.
Module 1
"The principles of digital photography: what should a dentist know?"
Alessio Zanza
In this lesson, we will establish the basic concept of photography necessary for our practice, such as sensors, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field, and white balance.
Module 2
"Dental photography: camera settings, devices, and shooting predictability"
Silverio Di Rocca
This lesson intends to provide detailed information to set your camera for each clinical situation, discussing cameras, flashes, secondary tools, and tips and tricks. Taking dental pictures will never be so easy!
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"The power of images: the basic concepts of dental photography.
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