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The manual functional analysis & Aquasplint concept diagnostics, therapy and occlusal rehabilitation
Aladin Sabbagh
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About the online course
Craniomandibular disorders have a multifactorial genesis. Not just the malocclusion but also factors such as hypermobility / connective tissue weakness, cervical spine syndrome, trauma, stress and hormonal factors often play an additional crucial role. A temporomandibular joint examination is important not just to treat TMD, but also its indispensable before occlusal rehabilitation, for therapeutic, prognostic and forensic reasons. The following manual functional analysis and the "AquaSplint-Concept®" can be applied to achieve a reliable diagnosis and effective treatment in a simplified and affordable way.
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Course Program

  • Anatomy and physiology of the temporomandibular joint;
  • Etiology: the multifactorial genesis of TMD;
  • TMD initial diagnostics with the help of manual functional analysis (Kieler concept);
  • TMD clicks: etiology, treatment and prognosis;
  • Interactions with associated diseases, such as cervical spine syndrome, tinnitus, migraine;
  • Sleep apnea, psychosomatic disorders etc.

Aladin Sabbagh
  • National & international lecturer since 1991 mainly about noncompliance orthodontics, adult orthodontic, TMD Chairman of the association of German orthodontists (BDK) in M.Franconia/Bavaria;
  • Top orthodontist award (Focus Magazine / Germany 2012-2020);
  • Authorized medical court referre ( court of Nuremberg / Fuerth);
  • Referee of the Statutory Dental Health Insurance in Bavaria;
  • Board-member of Quintessenz publishing Germany, IOS & EAO Prag;
  • Honor Professor, and various awards for international outstanding merits;
  • Member of the editorial board of Quintessenz publishing, and the scientific board of IOS & AEO in Prague;
  • Lecturer at the european academy of dental education in Nuremberg, and several national & international universities. Consultant and referent for Dentaurum, 3M Unitek, & Teledenta;
  • Authorized medical court expert (court of Nuremberg / Fuerth). Referee of the National Association of Statutory dental health Insurance;
  • Top orthodontist award (Focus Magazine, Germany 2012-2018).
Specialist in TMD disorder.
Inventor of the SARA®, SUS/Sabbagh Universal Spring® & AquaSplint®, owner of several patents in EU/USA.
"The manual functional analysis & Aquasplint concept diagnostics, therapy and occlusal rehabilitation"
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