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Periodontology 2021: A quick 360 degrees view at new materials and methods
Roberto Rossi
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A course from Roberto Rossi, member of the American Academy of Periodontology and vice president of Bone Biomaterials and Beyond Academy!
We will examine the use of navigated implantology in patients with periodontal disease for aesthetic results and its use in other treatment applications. You will be introduced to: The clinical protocol of the GTR and GBR techniques; Periodontal plastic surgery; Navigated implantation in the periodontal approach.
Roberto Rossi
  • Dr.Rossi is a national and international speaker and author of publications on peer reviewed dental journals. He is co-author of the book Bone Biomaterials and Beyond, having particularly contributed with the chapter on guided tissue regeneration.
  • Нe is a certified member of the Italian Society of Periodontology (SIdP), International member of the American Academy of Periodontology, an active member and board member of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (IAED). Active and certified member of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD), honorary member of the Bohemian Society of Implantology and former board member of the Boston University Italian Alumni. Funding member and vice president of the Bone Biomaterials and Beyond Academy (BBB).
  • Member of the board of IADS (international Academy of Dental Specialists) where he covers the charge for International Periodontists.
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An online lecture in the format of a webinar in which the lecturer will analyze all the stated topics.
During the lecture, real cases will be considered and treatment protocols will be shown.
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Course Program
The course contains 4 lectures from an Italian specialist.
Lesson 1
"Periodontal Plastic Surgery in the new millennium, new materials and methods"
Roberto Rossi
The webinar is about diagnosing and understanding the problems related to soft tissue around teeth. Diagnosing the periodontal bio-type, differentiating thin and thick and its influence on the choice of the proper surgical procedure. We will discuss the nature of the lesions and all surgical options available for the resolution. Surgical techniques have evolved throughout the last 50 years and we will see where we started and where we are now.
Lesson 2
"Guided tissue regeneration from the early stages to minimally invasive techniques"
Roberto Rossi
The webinar is about diagnosing and understanding the effects of periodontal disease on the bony level. Understanding the anatomy of the defects means adopting the proper measures to ignite regeneration. We will discuss the evolution of materials and surgical techniques and the utilization of growth factors in order to restore anatomy and health in patients severely involved with periodontal disease.
Lesson 3
"Guided Bone Regeneration 30 years after its introduction"
Roberto Rossi
The webinar is about understanding the potential of the technique of guided bone regeneration, first by classifying the different types of defects, than understanding the potential for healing and in the end evaluating what are the best and more predictable techniques for its solution.

We will discuss the biology of the problem and try to offer viable and predictable options for experienced but also for not so experienced clinicians.
Lesson 4
"Diagnosis and management of the excessive gingival display"
Roberto Rossi
The webinar will suggest the latest advances in treatment of Perio-prostho cases in esthetic and non esthetic areas. The creation of a proper space for the supra-crestal attachment (the old biologic width) and consequent esthetic and long term stability. We will understand the need of standardizing a protocol that provides the prosthodontist with the proper soft tissue stability in simple and complex restorative cases.
Lesson 5
"Management of the Perio-Prostho interface"
Roberto Rossi
The webinar will provide all means to understand and diagnose cases of altered passive eruption, offering a simple step by step protocol. The problem will be analyzed in all its aspect, periodontal, periodontal and prosthetic cases, orthodontic cases and mixed one. We will understand how much we can enhance and change the appearance of our patient's smile by learning how to treat such cases.
Lesson 6
"Management of the soft tissue around implants"
Roberto Rossi
The webinar will suggest the two main reasons for taking good care go the peri-implant mucosa. Prevention of mucositis and peri-implantitis and favoring long term stability. Surgical techniques can favor the creation of a 'perfect' frame for an implant restoration and the webinar will offer all options for this goal. We will discuss 5 different situations that can be used from case to case in order to provide not only an 'invisible' restoration but also to maintain it as it is in the very long term.
"Periodontology 2021: A quick 360 degrees view at new materials and methods"
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We also support young professionals and provide a 25% discount for students, interns and residents.
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