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Occlusion therapy: analysis, techniques, secrets of recovery
Alessandro Nanussi
About the online course
A unique course on functional dentistry from Alessandro Nanussi, a member of the Italian Association of Gnathologists and the Italian Association of Orthopedic Dentistry!

How to prevent microtrauma in athletes? What to do in case of a jaw fracture? You will learn all the secrets of sports dentistry through case studies from a doctor with 20 years of experience. The course will cover methods of balancing occlusion, different ways to record occlusion and the use of electromyography in treatment planning. We will discuss the virtual and traditional articulator and how to use it depending on the case.
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Course Program
1 lesson "How to balance occlusion and prevent overload, to avoid failure"
  • Occlusal overload: quantity and direction;
  • Effects of overload on the teeth, periodontal tissues, prosthodontic treatments, fixtures and TMJ;
  • How to use articulating papers in different thickness and colors;
  • Why analyze muscular activity to balance occlusion;
  • How to use electromyography in diagnosis and therapy;
  • How to record an increased Vertical Dimension in 3 different ways: wax, Easy Bite, splint;
  • Case reports.

"Virtual and traditional articulator: utility and differences in daily clinical practice"
Traditional instruments:
  • Why record axis and individual movements, and how to do it: facial bow versus axiography;
  • How to take perfect traditional impression for study-plaster models;
  • How to record intermaxillar relationship in 3 different ways: wax, Easy Bite, splint;
  • Positioning the models in traditional articulator and individually setting it;
  • Case report.
Virtual instruments:
  • Virtual impression and bite-scanning;
  • Virtual facial-bow and last-generation axiography: instructions to use it and advantages;
  • Movements of the virtual models in a virtual articulator individually-set.
"Sport dentistry: issues for the health and the performance of the athlet"
  • Topics of sport dentistry: power-micro and macro traumas;
  • Oral ecosystem;
  • Performance;
  • How to apply a perfect mouthguard - instrumental support: Electromyography, Stabilometric Platform, Inertial accelerometer;
  • Case report;
  • Aim and topics of Sport's Dentistry: power- management, prevention of trauma, control of oral ecosystem, increasing of performance;
  • The power of the athlet: how to manage the occlusal force;
  • The instruments to analyze the athlet: surface electromyography, stabilometric platform, inertial accelerometer;
  • The relationship between dental occlusion and posture;
  • Our papers and research clinical cases;
  • Complete clinical and instrumental evaluation of a soccer player, and positioning and balance of a splint and a mouthguard;
  • Prevention of the overload and macro trauma (SKI);
  • From reduction of dislocation to the positioning of an individualized mouth-guard, insight about mouthguard;
  • Jaw-fracture and malocclusion: what to do;
  • An experience with Italian Air-force.

Alessandro Nanussi
  • Adjunct professor University of Milan-Bicocca, for the elective course "Analog and virtual articulators";
  • Head of the Odontostomatologic Clinics and Gnathology course at the School of Osteopathy SOMA;
  • President-elect AIG 2022 and Past-president SIOS;
  • The referent of the Cranio-mandibular Biomechanics Service and Sports Dentistry at the Italian Stomatological Institute of Milan;
  • Long version Graduated in Dentistry in 1993, post-graduated in Sports Dentistry in 2008, Master in Sport's Dentistry;
  • At the University of Chieti-Pescara he is a teacher of instrumental analysis for the Master and the Specialization Course in Sports Dentistry.

"Sport dentistry: issues for the health and the performance of the athlet"
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