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How to achieve predictable success in Endodontics: scientific knowledge into clinical protocols.
Alessio Zanza
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Orthograde root canal treatment is one of the most challenging aspects of dentistry, mostly because of 2 reasons: the absence of codified protocols and the plethora of instruments and materials. In this online course, I am going to elucidate the orthograde endodontic world in all of its shades, sharing with you my routine clinical protocols based on scientific research that allow me to maintain high success rates.
Alessio Zanza
Member of the Italian Academy of Endodontics AIE.
Tutor at University of Rome La Sapienza.
Dentist at "Studio Odontoiatrico Dott. Aldo Pellegrini".
Dentist at Campus Bio-Medico Hospital of Rome.
Dentist at WhiteRome by Dott. Puzzilli & Dott. Giannelli.
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An online lecture in the format of a webinar in which the lecturer will analyze all the stated topics.
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The course contains 4 lectures from an Italian specialist.
Module 1
"Radiographic assessment and treatment plan considerations: the Endo-Resto challenge"
Alessio Zanza
In this first lesson, we are going to examine the current literature regarding the key factors affecting rehabilitative decision-making: direct or indirect restoration? Post or no post? Cervical margin not isolable, how to solve it? Moreover, in the second part of this lesson, we will talk about the interpretation of radiographic exams, when we should prescribe CBCTs and how they can influence our endodontic treatments.
Module 2
"Access cavity design: as conservative as practical"
Silverio Di Rocca
In this lesson, we will focus on the ideal access cavity design according to tooth anatomy to perform root canal treatments reducing intraoperative risks and minimizing the removal of sound dental tissues.
Module 3
"Protocols for root canal instrumentation of routinary and complex cases: how to keep it simple and predictable"
Alessio Zanza
The lesson is focused on several points:
• The nickel-titanium alloy: why is it considered the material of choice for manufacturing endodontic instruments?
• Mechanical and metallurgical properties of austenitic and martensitic NiTi instruments.
• Scouting, flaring, glide path, shaping, finishing, gauging: what are we talking about?
• Continuous rotation and reciprocating motion: pros and cons.
• How to solve intraoperative problems such as ledges, blocks, calcified canals, severe curvatures, etc.
Module 4
"Irrigation and obturation of root canal systems: the key to the endodontic success"
Alessio Zanza
In this final lesson, we will discuss the recommendable irrigation protocols, illustrate the role of irrigant activation by comparing current devices available on the market, and describe obturation materials and techniques, focusing on the properties and the use of hydraulic sealers.
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"How to achieve predictable success in Endodontics: scientific knowledge into clinical protocols."
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