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Holistic Postural Dentistry courses
Silverio Di Rocca
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About the online course
In this course, you will learn about the relationship of TMJ to body posture and how to integrate B.E.D. (body balance device) into your practice to protect and deprogram TMJ. You will learn how to interpret and diagnose many craniofacial disorders and how to prevent them in children as early as possible.

You will learn:
- How to perform a posture diagnosis?
- The basics of posturometry.
- B.E.D. for deprogramming.
- Clinical cephalometry: points, planes, angles, linear measurements and clinical interpretation.
- Developmental theory: how to take advantage of growth to guide and correct craniofacial development in children?
Silverio Di Rocca
Doctor of Dentistry, specializing in craniofacial orthopedics and orthodontics, expert in posture disorders.

A postgraduate degree in Functional Orthopedics, in 1982, from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.
Graduate from the University of Turin in 1990, and a Doctorate in Dentistry and Prosthetic, with a Doctorate Thesis on Ricket's Orthodontic Techniques.
Director of the International School of Myofunctional Postural Rehabilitation.
Vice-President and founder of API Swiss (International Association of Postural dentistry, Switzerland).
Adjunct Professor at ICOM (International College of Osteopathic Medicine) in Milan, Italy.
Honorary member of AMOCOAC (Mexican Association of Craniofacial Orthopedics and Orthodontics).
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An online lecture in the format of a webinar in which the lecturer will analyze all the stated topics.
During the lecture, real cases will be considered and treatment protocols will be shown.
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Course Program
The course contains 3 modules from an Italian specialist.
Module 1
"Mandibular Deprogramming"
Silverio Di Rocca
- Postural Diagnosis
- Posturometric diagnosis
- Cranio facial Diagnosis
- B.E.D. concepts
- B.E.D. Practice

One tool for all patients. B.E.D. is a simple yet essential tool for treating TMD in patients of all ages. In this course students will learn about the TMJ's relation to body posture, and how to integrate B.E.D. ( Body Equilibrium Device) into their practice to protect and deprogram the TMJ.

Duration: 220 min. 48 sec.
Price for the first module 160 EUR
Module 2
"Growth and Development"
Silverio Di Rocca
- Introduction;
- Development theory;
- Stages of development;
- Radiographic analysis;
- Clinical case studies;

In this module students well dive deep into the mechanisms involved in human growth and development. Learning about the various interferences and alterations, and how to take advantage of growth, to guide and correct the young patients' cranio-facial development.

Price for the third module 80 EUR
Module 3
"Clinical Cephalometry"
Silverio Di Rocca
- Course presentation;
- Introduction;
- Points.angles and measure;
- Clinical diagnosis;
- Practice;

In this module for dentists we will dive deep into the medical science of cephalometry: the measurement and study of the proportions of the head and face. This intensive mini-course will give students all the tools necessary to interpret and diagnose a multitude of cranio-facial disorders.

Price for the second module 120 EUR
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