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April 4, 2023
Endodontics and beyond: retreatment, instrument separation, resorption, MB2 management
About the online course
How to make endodontic treatment most predictable and effective? You need to know the protocols for dealing with difficult clinical cases:
  • retreatment,
  • cases with broken instruments,
  • Mb2 treatment,
  • external and internal resorption,
  • treatment of a curved canal treatment.
This is what you will learn at our congress. We have gathered the best lecturers - — Amin Helani, Mahmoud Shurrab, Nirvana Khalaf, Riccardo Tonini, Byron Tsivas!
- Dr. Amin Helani graduated in 2014 from the University Of Aleppo.
- Specialist degree in Endodontics from the German Society of Endodontics.
- He works as a Microscopic Endodontist for advanced root canal treatment in Braunschweig-Germany.
- He has been offering lectures, Webinars, and hands-on courses to both general dentists and endodontists.
- He is a member of the German Society for Endodontlogy and Traumatology.
Amin Helani
- Speaker at international congresses and courses, including European Endodontic Society Congress ESE, Budapest 2021.

- Member at International Association of Dental Research, IADR.

- Owner & Founder Private Dental Clinic (Dr. Nirvana Dental Clinic) - 2018.
Nirvana Khalaf
- Endodontist Consultant & Specialist in Conservative Dentistry at Boubyan dental center, Kuwait.
- American Association of Endodontists.
- European Society of Endodontology.
- Kuwait Dental Association.
- More than 20,000 endodontic cases with a Single File Reciprocating System (Reciproc-M and Reciproc Blue).
Mahmoud Shurra
- He graduated in 2004 at University Of Studies Brescia, in 2007 holds a Master of second level in Endodontics at University of Verona;
- An Active member of Italian Society of Endodontics and active member of Italian Society of Microscopic dentistry;
- He works as Endodontist in Brescia. He plans and follows researches for Dental University of Brescia;
- He patented in 2005 the ProTrain (Endodontic System for Training) and right now develops new products and technologies for companies;
Riccardo Tonini
- Dr. Tsivos received his MSc in Endodontics in 2008 at the world renowned Eastman Dental Institute (University college of London) with distinction in the research component;
- He has also completed a postgraduate certificate in strategic management from Harvard University and Dental Cone Beam CT Radiological Interpretation Postgraduate Certificate from Kings University London;
- Since 2008 Dr. Tsivos has been providing reliable referral services to the Isle of Man's dental practitioners and patients for advanced root canal treatment;
- He is an active member of the British and European Endodontic Society and has many presentations in British and European Conferences;
- As anworld-renowned opinion leader for Coltene, Byron has been offering lectures, Webinars and Hands-on courses to both general dentists and endodontic specialists in UK and Europe, since 2018.
Doctor of Medicine
Byron Tsivos
Participation format
Online lectures will be added to your personal account, and you can also download your certificate there.
Online congress
An online lecture in the format of a webinar in which the lecturer will analyze all the stated topics.
During the lecture, real cases will be considered and treatment protocols will be shown.
All participants of the event will receive a certificate of participation in the lectures.
Congress Program
The congress contains 5 lectures
Lecture 1
April 4, 2023
"Endodontic Protocols to manage any curve"
Byron Tsivos
  • Introduction to NI TI files;
  • Properties of Nitinol;
  • Causes of Instrument fractures;
  • Shape memory of endodontic files;
  • Controlled memory of endodontic files;
  • Which rotary file is superior to all others;
  • Protocols to shape straight, medium and triple curvature root canals;
  • Demonstration from beginning to end of how to manage triple curvature;
  • Other considerations / Strategies;
  • Cases treated.
Lecture 2
April 6, 2023
"Internal and external resorptions: the challenge continues"
Riccardo Tonini
  • Extract or maintain? This is the eternal dilemma. As Endodontists we have to try to save teeth as much as we can. One of the biggest challenge is represented by Internal and external resorptions.
  • Resorption is considered to be internal if the original site of the resorption starts in the pulp and external if the original site is the periodontal ligament.In most cases diagnosis is simple but occasionally it may be difficult to differentiate between internal and external resorption. In internal resorption the outline of the canal is interrupted and usually appears as a smooth bulge. Internal resorption is often difficult to detect in posterior teeth and may be seen only after root treatment has been completed.
  • External resorption originates in the PDL and is recognized by an irregular radiolucent area overlying the root canal; the canal outline remains visible and intact. Sometimes external resorption is not easy to diagnose from the radiograph when the canal outline is indistinct.
  • During this webinar Dr Tonini will show step by step how to make a proper clinical diagnosis, how treat easy and difficult resorptions and if the Clinical Situation is proper or not for a treatment.
Lecture 3
April 11, 2023
"MB2 management with single reciprocating file system."
Mahmoud Shurra
  • The complexity of the Mb2 anatomy.
  • Unpredictable fracture rate during Mb2 shaping with the conventional approach
  • Mb2 challenges have been reported in literature.
  • Finally, how can we simplify mb2 shaping by using single file instrument without creating glide path in the majority of the cases.
  • How to transfer the notorious MB2 to a funny procedure.
  • Mb2 management cases discussion.
Lecture 4
April 18, 2023
"Non-surgical endodontic retreatment."
Amin Helani
  • Indications of retreatment.
  • Success/Failures In Endodontics.
  • Endodontic Radiology.
  • Causes of Failures.
  • Clinical case of reatreatment from A to Z.
  • Scientific concepts of Irrigation and microbiology.
  • Tooth VS Implant: Criteria For Solving The Dilemma.
  • Success rates of retreatment.
Lecture 5
April 25, 2023
"Instrument separation"
Nirvana Khalaf
  • Instrument separation during root canal treatment is a frequent accident, with rotary instruments being more likely to separate than manual ones.
  • The treatment of cases with a separated instrument can be either conservative or surgical.
  • A conservative approach involves the following options: a) bypass of the fragment, b) removal of the fragment, c) instrumentation and obturation coronally to the fragment.
  • Prognosis for a tooth retaining a separated instrument depends on multiple factors as; presence of a periapical lesion, the microbial load of the root canal during the time of separation, etc.

After this lecture the attendee will be able to:
  • Know the causes of instrument separation and how to avoid it or reduce it during our dental practicing.
  • Decide When to bypass, retrieve or leave the separated part and how to complete the case.
  • Learn Tips and tricks about bypassing.
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Endodontics and beyond: retreatment, instrument separation, resorption, MB2 management
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