A course from Dr. Byron Tsivos on expert endodontics. You will learn trends in endodontic treatment and current protocols during COVID-19.

The course will cover all methods of magnification used in endodontics and options for their application, the use of CBCT for treatment planning and diagnosis.

Curved canals, broken instruments and re-treatment present some challenges. After the course you will learn how to proceed even in the most difficult cases and what to do if you encounter a broken file. For re-treatment, you will be offered a unique strategy that can be applied in most cases.

Byron Tsivos
Invitation to the course
During these seminars you will learn:

  • «CBCT in Endodontics»
  • «Endodontic Protocols to manage any curve»
  • «Introduction to high magnification in Endodontics»
  • «Retreatments»
  • «Broken File Removal Techniques

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«Occlusal rehabilitation after TMD disorder treatment»

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