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Lifehacks of Microscopic Endodontics. Instrument retrieval, curved canals, retreatment
Byron Tsivos
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About the online course
The course will cover all methods of magnification used in endodontics and options for their application, the use of CBCT for treatment planning and diagnosis. Curved canals, broken instruments and re-treatment present some challenges. After the course you will learn how to proceed even in the most difficult cases and what to do if you encounter a broken file. For re-treatment, you will be offered a unique strategy that can be applied in most cases.
Byron Tsivos
  • Dr. Tsivos received his MSc in Endodontics in 2008 at the world renowned Eastman Dental Institute (University college of London) with distinction in the research component;
  • He has also completed a postgraduate certificate in strategic management from Harvard University and Dental Cone Beam CT Radiological Interpretation Postgraduate Certificate from Kings University London;
  • Since 2008 Dr. Tsivos has been providing reliable referral services to the Isle of Man's dental practitioners and patients for advanced root canal treatment;
  • He is an active member of the British and European Endodontic Society and has many presentations in British and European Conferences;
  • As a world-renowned opinion leader for Coltene, Byron has been offering lectures, Webinars and Hands-on courses to both general dentists and endodontic specialists in UK and Europe, since 2018.
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Online lectures
An online lecture in the format of a webinar in which the lecturer will analyze all the stated topics.
During the lecture, real cases will be considered and treatment protocols will be shown.
All participants of the event will receive a certificate of participation in the lectures.
Course Program
The course contains 5 lectures from an Italian specialist.
Lesson 1
"CBCT in Endodontics""What is Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitation (N.O.R)?"
Byron Tsivos
  • Introduction why do we need CBCT in endodontics?
  • Radiation exposure concerns;
  • Buccal object rule;
  • The three planes definition;
  • Impact of CBCT in diagnosis;
  • Impact of CBCT in treatment planning;
  • American and European Association position statement;
  • Artificial Intelligence and CBCT;
  • How to improve Image quality of CBCT;
  • Metal artifact and noise reduction software the new ERA in CBCT;
  • Guided Endodontics;
  • Latest Software out there revolution to interpretation with CBCT.
Lesson 2
"Endodontic Protocols to manage any curve"
Byron Tsivos
Introduction to NI TI files;
Properties of Nitinol;
Causes of Instrument fractures;
Shape memory of endodontic files;
Controlled memory of endodontic files;
Which rotary file is superior to all others;
Protocols to shape straight, medium and triple curvature root canals;
Demonstration from beginning to end of how to manage triple curvature;
Other considerations / Strategies;
Cases treated.
Lesson 3
"Introduction to high magnification in Endodontics"
Byron Tsivos
  • Introduction why vision is everything;
  • Loupes characteristics;
  • The Dental Microscope;
  • Magnification Range;
  • Documentation;
  • Microscope illumination;
  • Focusing;
  • Stability;
  • Binoculars;
  • Counterbalance counter Arm;
  • Beam splitter;
  • Carr extender;
  • Iris Diaphragm;
  • Laser filters of microscope;
  • Advantages of Microscopes;
  • Mirros;
  • Par Focaling;
  • Ergonomic working positions;
  • Golden rules when buying a microscope;
  • Tips and Tricks;
  • Covid microscope protection;
  • 4 handed microdentistry demonstration.
Lesson 4
Byron Tsivos
Causes of failure of root canals;
Success rates of root canals;
Remove crown techniques;
Missed anatomy;
Which rubber dam should we use on retreatments;
Rotary technique to remove gutta percha;
Video Demonstration of case removing gutta percha with rotaries;
Hedtsroem technique;
Silver point removal;
Thermafil removal;
Paste removal;
Post Removal;
Managing Steps Ledges;
Current concepts of Irrigation;
CBCT evaluation of retreated case.
Lesson 5
"Broken File Removal Techniques"
Byron Tsivos
Anatomy Classification;
How to bypass;
Armamentarium to remove broken instruments;
Lasso techniques;
Teraouchi kit;
Endo cowboy;
BTR pen;
New minimal invasive technique to remove broken files with Hyflex and no platform;
Video demonstration of broken file removal with Hyflex;
When to go straight to surgical removal of broken files.
"Lifehacks of Microscopic Endodontics. Instrument retrieval, curved canals, retreatment"
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We also support young professionals and provide a 25% discount for students, interns and residents.
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