Craniomandibular disorders have a multifactorial genesis. Not just the malocclusion but also factors such as hypermobility / connective tissue weakness, cervical spine syndrome, trauma, stress and hormonal factors often play an additional crucial role. A temporomandibular joint examination is important not just to treat TMD, but also its indispensable before occlusal rehabilitation, for therapeutic, prognostic and forensic reasons. The following manual functional analysis and the "AquaSplint-Concept®" can be applied to achieve a reliable diagnosis and effective treatment in a simplified and affordable way.

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During these webinars you will learn:

  • «TMJ screening, etiology of TMD & clicking»
  • «Acrylic vs. AquaSplint treatment, bruxsimus and physiotherapy»
  • «Aligners vs braces/TAD`S anchorage»

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«Occlusal rehabilitation after TMD disorder treatment»

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